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Tomorrow I'm off to London (aaaah) because, on Wednesday I will be attending SCREW's first London gig (GAAAAAAAAH)
So yeah, I have a nice 6 hour bus journey to look forward to x.x

This is what I was planning, but weather England's freakish heat-wave will allow it remains to be seen.
I even had a hair cut.

Lookin' more & more like a bloke everyday.

This one was February                      and this one was last Thursday.

sunmi 2

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I am out on Friday.
I am going to be incredibly drunk, as I have not had a girly night out this month.

My ex boyfriend is going to be out on Friday.
Our relationship did not end well.

On a scale of 1 to Titanic, how much shit is going to go down?
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Last night was pretty rad
I met a murderer, winked at him, took a photo of him.
Nearly pulled Good Charlotte's ex-drummer
Got ID'd for the first time
Spilt lager all over myself/strangers
Laughed at a Fat Man's penis
Went to college still pissed.
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Today, I noticed how alone I am in my film class.

See, I'm one of these creepy film nerds, even the mere mention of Darren Aronofsky has me pissing my knickers. Last year my film class was full of little De Palmer wannabes and we'd all sit around and be like

YES DE PALMER, CAMERAS, DIRECTING, BRAD PITT *FAPFAPFAP* all the time. And it was beautiful.

I knew no one in my new class, so when I walked in late I just sat down awkwardly in the nearest place, next to a load of guys who keep themselves to themselves - no oestrogen thank you very much -.

I did make a friend with some girl who's also in my Lit class way back in December - we bonded over our love for Kpop and weird things we find on the internet. 

Last month we started doing Fight Club - and I jumped straight on the OMG TYLERDURDEN, ABANDON THE CAPITALIST WORLD - LET'S BURN DOWN STARBUCKS bandwagon.

Since she never expressed any nerdienss, I pretty much kept my thoughts to myself; but you know, it gets the point where these thoughts just explode.

she was just like "OMG YOU'RE SUCH A NERD"

and now. I am a lone nerd. Fappin to Brad Pitt.
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After last night's "misadventures", I think I've come to realise something important; I'm actually very lucky to be blessed with such good friends.

A lot of people (lets admit it) would hang up on their drunk friend crying down the phone at nearly 3 in the morning. Not Kip, he calmed me down in my intoxicated state and managed to help me find a taxi to take me back to Darlington (£60 down the drain). He even let a hammered teenage girl stop at his house...and no one wants that on their day off.

I arrive at Darlington just after 3, he's already made me a cup of tea, Keith arrives not long after. There aren't words to describe how much I love Keith, he is one of the most special people in my life, see, how many people would ride across town on a push bike at that time of morning, just because he knew that it would cheer me up to see him. 

They're even taking me on some mad trek back to Newcastle in a bid to find my glasses - knowing fine well that I can't afford to pay for petrol. 

That's when I realised how lucky I am to have people like that - idc if it's soppy, or whatever people's views are about the people I choose to spend my time with. I'm just glad that I found them.
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(no subject)

Because I like to complain...

Just a bit gutted really. Last night I was supposed to be seeing Funeral For A Friend; long story short, there were some complications and we weren't able to go. ('we' being me and Kip). And so my Tuesday evening was spent watching Kip's band rehearse and going to prayer group - not like I don't like doing that, but whatever.

Unfortunately for Kip, FFAF are one of his 'bestest ever favourite bands', and since it was partly my fault that we couldn't go, I'm now being given THESILENTTREATMENT.
Usually I would've went cryin' to JC, but I think I should stop abusing higher powers for trivial things. ("I'm fat! Help me loose weight/my eye hurts/ make my ex get back with me" - which did work for a week). 

You'd think, with Kip being such a man of God, that he'd not care that I ruined his day, and know I'd feel bad for doing so, so he'd take me out to cheer me up. (no, I'm kidding, I'm not actually that selfish).
But no. He said that he'd 'pick me up in a few hours' so now I'm just gonna sit here and wait until he cools off...
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Benefits of Being Single

 (cos I need to do this my sake ok?)

* No more wondering if he's going to turn up
* No more stressing
* No more paying petrol money
* If I don't shave my legs for a few weeks - who cares?
* Don't have to buy birthday/Christmas/anniversary gifts
* No more looking at happy couples & thinking "why can't we be like dat?"
* Not being referred to as someone's "lass"
* I can do what I want.
* I can do who I want
* No more pressure to look good
* Not having to support his stupid hobbies
* Going back to being everyone's favourite McSlag
* Being able to find someone worth it.