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Getting Old

When I was younger, my dad would always say "Mind the doors!!" at random intervals; when getting on trains, the car, walking down the street.
And I never understood why he said it.

Yesterday, I was talking with my brother about the films Creep and he asks me, "Is that a remake of that Mind The Doors?"
Finally, I found out where my dad's reference came from. "I just always thought he was retarded." I said.
"Well, he was..but it came from that film too."

Even in death, we still bully my dad - whom I loved very much.
Then the conversation turned to when we get old. Will we use references that our young children won't understand?
Will we just throw out quotes from Spider-Man, Misfits & the other programs that me and my brother enjoy? Are we doomed to become uncool dads???
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