Paige-Nevaeh (paige_nevaeh) wrote,

A Very Backhanded Compliment

I met this guy a month ago. And by met, I use the term very loosely. I was out nightclubbing, and my friend Reuben suddenly grabbed this guy, shouting "This is my friend! This is my friend! Feel his biceps!" So we felt this guy's biceps, I got a photo with him and off we went.

Fast forward 3 weeks, I get a friend request. Don't recognize the dude, one mutual friend. Normally I'd deny it, but our mutual friend was Reuben, and he too lived in Sheffield. So I guessed I must know him. Trailing through his photos later, I find that was took 3 weeks beforehand. We get talking via Facebook chat.  He comes over one night. Spoons were exchanged.

Last night, he starts messaging me drunk. He 'really likes me' even though 'I'm not what he'd usually go for'.
Wait up. Is that supposed to be a compliment? I can guess what he means. I'm not blonde, leggy and I'm not even an A cup. Also I have an obsession with Martin Sheen.
So tasty
See, I can understand the novelty of me. I have a dry, sarcastic humour and half of my hair cut off. Which is real cool at first. Then they realise I'm just a bald dick.
And to be honest with you, I can't really cope with another heartbreak this year. I'll just take Martin Sheen and be done with it.
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