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Yorkshurrrr Excursions

Shortly after returning from London (ie. one day) my little man whisked me off to York.

I was VERY sceptical because he arranged the whole thing himself - thinking we'd end up in a box next to the station. But, instead he took me here:


The only let down, it was a bit far from the centre. 

Kipper looking cheesy at the bus stop.

I can't for the life of me remember what the place was called. But you know it's fancy when there's a bowl of Thornton's chocolates in reception, and not just Pound Shop toffees. The guy who owned it was the cutest old man ever. He led us to the "Holly Room", then left us to "explore the room". Well, that killed the mood. I didn't want George to think we were up to rudies. 
But yea, day 1. We went to York dungeons. I made a scene outside "OH GOD, IT'S GONNA BE SCARY" and it wasn't even that bad. Did a Ghost Walk with Terry Rooney who was on Come Dine with Me. And went to Jumbos Chinese Buffet - I freakin' love Chinese buffets.
The night consisted of cocktails at some random pub. My boyfriend is so gay.

Awful lightning. But yes, that is a Cosmopolitan in his hand. Then back to DAT BED. OH GOD.
We found out the hard way, the room wasn't sound proof. Breakfast was awkward. Especially since the other guests were middle-aged fancy folk. Then us mingers from Darlo walk in.

DAY TWOO! It rained all day. But Kip still trekked me to York Minister & his old house.
Apologies to the new owners, for taking photos of your house & uploading them into cyberspace.

And yea. That was basically my weekend..

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