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Beatin Ma E.D

It's took two years, a lot of weight loss, weight gain, tears and skipped meals. But I think I kicked my eating disorder's ass. I work at McDonald's, and have avoided the food for the 3 years I've been there. Before my ED, I just wasn't keen on the food.
Slowly but surely, I made progression, from a wrap, slowwwly creeping to a wrap with fries. I can rarely manage a medium fries - but that's just cos McDonald's is so freaking filling.
BUT ANYWAY. I've got better with food. I don't starve and binge. I eat healthy.
Last Saturday I had a lovely 9 hour shift. 5pm - 2am. What. So, I was well looking forward to my McChicken Wrap, but we were so busy, there was no one to make me it. So I grabbed a double cheeseburger. Yes. DOUBLE. Beef was a "fear food" of mine. I haven't eaten beef in 3 years - ok, discluding the burger I had last Halloween. So I was just like BAM. DOUBLE. and it was good. It was well good.
I didn't feel guilty. I wasn't paranoid. I didn't think "Shit, I can't eat tomorrow." I just ENJOYED my burger.

Last night, I did a lovely 7 hour. Now, I didn't have a McD's on my break; I made some pasta. I was only meant to be working til half 4. But, they asked me to stay on, despite me saying "I can't, I'm out tonight." But yeah, leaving at 7, I knew I wouldn't have time to cook - I had to dye my hair, shave my legs, and other girly-girly things. So I thought fuck it, I'm having a McD's. So I deliberated over what I wanted, because SHIT, McDonald's menu is freaking big.
But I settled for a Grilled Chicken Deli. Yes, a deli. Omg Bread. Omg Carbs. Omg more calories than a wrap. And a MILKSHAKE. My first milkshake in TWO YEARS. and it was fucking lush.

And as I walked home from work, I know that victory tastes like a banana milkshake.
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Getting Old

When I was younger, my dad would always say "Mind the doors!!" at random intervals; when getting on trains, the car, walking down the street.
And I never understood why he said it.

Yesterday, I was talking with my brother about the films Creep and he asks me, "Is that a remake of that Mind The Doors?"
Finally, I found out where my dad's reference came from. "I just always thought he was retarded." I said.
"Well, he was..but it came from that film too."

Even in death, we still bully my dad - whom I loved very much.
Then the conversation turned to when we get old. Will we use references that our young children won't understand?
Will we just throw out quotes from Spider-Man, Misfits & the other programs that me and my brother enjoy? Are we doomed to become uncool dads???
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Tomorrow I have a date with my The Man Who Provides My Internet.
Will I ever get to date normal people? I've had the McDonald's Manager, The Punk-Rocker/Teacher, The One on Anti-Depressants and a Farmer.

This is my new fave. Only I could pull the man who fixes my internet.
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(no subject)

Two years ago, Darlington McDonald's took everything from me.
It took my virginity
It took my dignity
It took my integrity
and it took my ability

To find another job. This afternoon I am heading to Hillsborough for my "Welcome Meeting" at Sheffield McDonald's. My mother said to me, "You'll end up manager there one day." 

I think she is right. Goodbye hopes and dreams. Hello Big Mac and fries.
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(no subject)

I have a list of estate agents and numbers to ring a mile long.

I'mma be living in my own place. I like my student halls, but, you know, renting your own flat is a bit cooler.

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(no subject)

Today, I woke up with the intention of being a "strong independent woman who don't need no man"

it's worked all day. Until one of his songs came on my iPod.

Srsly tho, going back to him would be the worst thing I could do. For either of us.
He's emotionally damaged. I have a lot of emotional baggage. It doesn't work.

Prayin' to God that he's not out on Friday, cos I'll go home with him,
Unless I find that boy who gave me that GLORIOUS spoon. Or that guy who's 5"2 and works at McD's who I fancy for some reason.
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SCREWing in London

On Wednesday 30th May, my life changed forever.

But let's rewind a little bit. On the Tuesday, me and Louise started on our quest to London.
We arrived just before 3 six long hours after leaving Darlington's tiny coach stop. Nothing like the whopper in London - I seen airports like that bro.

Saw some exciting things in London

(well, I don't know who lives here, but I heard she's a proper GILF)

7 hours we waited in England's unpredictable weather. Blazing hot, then pissing down. Met some awesome other SCREW fans. And some not so awesome queue jumpers.
Call me captain obvious - but there are some elitist Jrock motherfuckers.
The Street Team were awesome. They brought this:

"To Byou. Screw me. Luv Paige xox" 
(yes that 'little boy' is infact me.)

It was worth the wait. Since Rui made an appearance.


SCREW put on an awesome show, playing stuff like "Cursed Hurricane", "Kairos" and everyone's favourite "Gather Roses"
I was second row, slap bang in front of Rui & Manabu..who engaged in a sneaky peck later that night.
Byou took his shirt off and rubbed his genitals. Standard behaviour.