SCREWing in London

On Wednesday 30th May, my life changed forever.

But let's rewind a little bit. On the Tuesday, me and Louise started on our quest to London.
We arrived just before 3 six long hours after leaving Darlington's tiny coach stop. Nothing like the whopper in London - I seen airports like that bro.

Saw some exciting things in London

(well, I don't know who lives here, but I heard she's a proper GILF)

7 hours we waited in England's unpredictable weather. Blazing hot, then pissing down. Met some awesome other SCREW fans. And some not so awesome queue jumpers.
Call me captain obvious - but there are some elitist Jrock motherfuckers.
The Street Team were awesome. They brought this:

"To Byou. Screw me. Luv Paige xox" 
(yes that 'little boy' is infact me.)

It was worth the wait. Since Rui made an appearance.


SCREW put on an awesome show, playing stuff like "Cursed Hurricane", "Kairos" and everyone's favourite "Gather Roses"
I was second row, slap bang in front of Rui & Manabu..who engaged in a sneaky peck later that night.
Byou took his shirt off and rubbed his genitals. Standard behaviour. 


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Last night was pretty rad
I met a murderer, winked at him, took a photo of him.
Nearly pulled Good Charlotte's ex-drummer
Got ID'd for the first time
Spilt lager all over myself/strangers
Laughed at a Fat Man's penis
Went to college still pissed.

Benefits of Being Single

 (cos I need to do this my sake ok?)

* No more wondering if he's going to turn up
* No more stressing
* No more paying petrol money
* If I don't shave my legs for a few weeks - who cares?
* Don't have to buy birthday/Christmas/anniversary gifts
* No more looking at happy couples & thinking "why can't we be like dat?"
* Not being referred to as someone's "lass"
* I can do what I want.
* I can do who I want
* No more pressure to look good
* Not having to support his stupid hobbies
* Going back to being everyone's favourite McSlag
* Being able to find someone worth it.


 I had my first photoshoot wearing Lolita todayyy. 
By my very amateur photographer friend, it was for his media coursework, it was actually pretty fun. Spent most the time screaming "JURRRRJ, HOWW DO YOU WANT ME NOW?"
Luckily we got the shoot done before it started pissing itself down with rain, I got soaked on the way home though -_-

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Loli Meet

Yesterday was such a great day! it was so nice to meet everyone & you all looked fab :)
We definatly need to do it again sometime

I have a really derpy look on my face here xD

Looking slightly more normal in this picturr


Halloween ^^

XD this is like the first Halloween were I have actually bothered to put myself a costume together & get to some Halloween parties (and scare small children in the process) sooo I decided to upload my costume because I think it looks pretty cool. I'm meant to be a Zombie Schoolgirl, but before I did the zombie make-up I looked like a contestant on Battle Royale o.O
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Random Entry

If I could go back in time I'd go back a couple of months to when I chose to take Georgraphy as a GCSE and give myself a good old smack in the face.

One of the worst desicions ever =/ Geography coursework is really THE worst thing ever, every time I sit down to write about The Traffic Volume in Darlington (seriously, who cares??) I feel my livers slowly starting to fail me.

I think it's just took me about 2 hours finish this piece, now I'm trying to chill by rocking to ViViD <33

Looking forward to Saturday though, I'm going with a few friends to a REALLY nice Chinese resteraunt for my friend George's 16th.

Saturday seems so far away. I have to endure four more hours of science and 2 hours of geography & ict o_e